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Our firewood selection is made up of red and white oak, which burn at a high heat level. They also emit little smoke or sparks and with so much heat emitted, this is makes an excellent choice for firewood!


Delivery Information & Fees

  • • Each log is split on the property into pieces approximately 16inches long
  • • Stacking the wood at the house is included if requested, within 10ft of truck
  • • $1.00 for each additional mile over 10 miles
  • • A cord is 128 cu. ft. of Firewood or 4×16
  • • A 1/2 cord is 4×8

Pickup Pricing

50 Pieces25

  • Per Customer: 100 Pieces
  • Pickup

1/2 Cord175

  • 260-300 Pieces
  • Pickup

Full Cord300

  • 550-600 Pieces
  • Pickup

Delivery Pricing

1/4 Cord100

  • 130-150 Pieces
  • 10 mile Delivery Radius

Full Cord325

  • 550-600 Pieces
  • 10 mile Delivery Radius

Cooking Wood

Grilling with wood is one of the biggest advantages to cooking food over a fire, providing the opportunity to add a flavor that just can’t be accomplished in a kitchen. Year round we offer Hickory and Pecan wood and when available, we also offer Cherry and Apple wood!

1 Stick1

  • 1 Pieces
  • Pickup Only Delivery

1/2 Cord300

  • 250-300 Pieces
  • Additional Charge Delivery

Full Cord600

  • 500-600 Pieces
  • Additional Charge Delivery

Currently in Stock:

Hickory: Probably the most well-known wood, excellent on ribs and most red meats

Pecan: A somewhat fruity flavor & burns cooler than most others. Best used on large cuts like brisket & pork roast but can also be used on chops, fish & poultry

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